areas of study: travel


Travel through the Route One Corridor flows logically with clear wayfinding.  There is easy access to, from, and between businesses and parking is well-designed for the intended use.  Navigating the corridor is safe and convenient using all modes of transportation (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.). There is adequate balance between public and private transportation.

current condition

  • A lack of pedestrian and bicycle amenities (crosswalks, bicycle lane, pedestrian crossing signals, disconnected sidewalks, obstructed sidewalks).

  • Street signs that can be overwhelming and confusing.

  • Poor accessibility for people with physical disabilities.

the opportunity

  • Consolidate curb cuts

  • Provide pedestrian connections through consistent sidewalks.

  • Increase pedestrian safety (i.e., at crosswalks, signalized crossings).

  • Identify areas for access management.

  • Establish signage standards that ensure a consistent aesthetic.


The Route One Corridor Plan development is in process. We look forward to your assistance helping us to refine, define, and implement the plan.

Please see Section 3.1 (page 29) of the Route One Corridor Plan for recommended strategies for achieving the Vision.